Good Vibes Only neon sign above Rodney Chair

I recently abdicated the family bookworm crown to my brother, and although I’m still a voracious reader, I now have another trusted book recommendation source in my circle. It was my brother who recommended Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (HarperCollins, 2009), a book that spent more than two years on the New York Times Bestseller List.

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Q&A on Creativity and Space with Diana Meredith

Artist Diana Meredith's Studio

It came as no surprise that after thanking Diana Meredith – independent artist, writer and critical thinker – for letting me interview her in her Wiltshire Avenue studio, located in the Junction district of Toronto, she replied with, “I only wish I had remembered to show you the bathroom where I’m storing art in the shower!”

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Local Economy Profile: Varsity Brown

Varsity Brown Interior shot

The path to entrepreneurship has had one common denominator for Matt Boston, designer, leathersmith and owner of Varsity Brown (VB), a leather goods shop in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood of West Toronto.

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DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland

DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland with Rodney Chair Detail

Not every holiday decoration needs to be glitter-fied and look like it was made by Christmas elves. Sometimes something a little rough around the edges says Christmas just as much as the day after Halloween. That’s where this DIY Cement Christmas Tree Garland enters the scene. Hang it indoors or out, it’s really not that fussy and pretty easy to make.

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Music in Decor: This is House Music

Embroidered Rock Steady Loop with detail of Rodney Chair

Every home makes music. Sometimes it’s the quiet monastic chant heard in the tranquility of monochromatic interiors or it’s the ebullient tempo of a colourful Bohemian home. Other times that connection to music is visual as seen in musical instruments hanging from a wall, a vintage record player on a credenza, or even lyrics framed as wall art.

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